Monica Hurtado Photography Laredo, TX

Finally, feels so final, but it really is not, my wish for this blog  is certainly to open up a dialog of thought that is in me, and with my clients that soon become friends and family.   Its been a long, learning road and by no means am I done learning or pushing myself to learn and be a part of a community that I absolutely love and admire.  I have traveled some, and must say that Laredo is definitely unique and beautiful….You, say beautiful? and I would and I will say Yes!  Laredo has a lot of heart and not only that, I notice this whenever one of our love ones are  in trouble or they simply need a helping hand….we find a way to pick them up with words, prayer or extending our hand out to our neighbor.  So yes, it has been a long awaited road to this website and choosing the images was no easy feat but a very rewarding one.  Enjoy, because its only the beginning!

Check back soon for content!